The rebuilding of Iraq has begun. There are billions of dollars available for entrepreneurs and businesses wanting to be part of this growth. Our ITC Consultants are experts in the United States and on the ground in Iraq ready to guide your company. Our team of experts are intimately familiar with the rules and regulations, and are eager to guide you...

ITC is a consulting firm that was established soon after attending the U.S. - Iraq Business and Investment Conference in Washington, D.C during October of 2009 after several productive meetings with Dr. Sami al- Araji, Chairman of National Investment Commission in Iraq along with Dr. Karim Wahid Hasan, Minister of Electricity.

Our company works directly with the Iraqi Government and the Ministers as well as the Investment Commission as an intermediary to facilitate business between the Investors and the Iraqi Government. ITC has representatives in Michigan, USA and Baghdad, Iraq.

“Iraq is open for business and already has a number of investors singing its praises. However, those considering setting up in the country would be well advised to ditch Western conventions and embrace the Iraqi way of doing things” - Courtney Fingar Editor of FDI Magazine.

We speak the local language, understand the culture and protocol along with its investment laws and government systems as well as culture. We are ready to start a new endeavor with investment companies, venture capital and private companies looking to invest in the rebuilding of Iraq. Iraq has many opportunities available as far investment.

  • New Steel And Iron Production Plants
  • New Cement Plants
  • Solar Power Stations
  • State Company Electrical Industries (Ministry of Industry and Minerals)
  • New Electric Power Plants (Ministry of Electricity)
  • Housing/ Apartments

Why invest in Iraq? There has never been a better time to invest in Iraq. Iraq has emerged from the conflicts of the past with tremendous potential for investment from local, regional, global companies” - Dr. Sami al-Araji, Chairman of the Iraqi National Investment Commission.

The goal of ITC is to bring the international community together, the best minds and, the newest technology the world has to offer to invest and rebuild Iraq. Iraq has the resources and assets which are in high demand, they are awaiting investors.

Investing in Iraq has many advantages, the investors are protected by the new laws in Iraq and guarantees, the return on investment are high in profit. ITC and our Iraqi Counterparts are ready to meet with your firm to discuss and plan appropriate opportunities for your company in Iraq. If you have any questions regarding investing in Iraq, please contact us.